Who are we?

We're perfectionists. Not in a moany picky way, but in a 'We believe in pure, natural Goodness' way. And we'll go as far as it takes to find it.

We work with single farms and small estates, because we believe in doing things properly, sowing, growing, harvesting, polishing, drying and bagging by hand – it just makes for better Basmati. Our rice is sun dried for over 12 months to make sure it’s pure and simply delicious.

So much care, time and attention goes into every grain we put in our bags, we’re convinced you’ll taste the difference. We pack our rice in raw cotton sacks and send it on a slow boat (no noisy planes and aviation fuel thank you) so it’s still as pure and delicious as when it left the farm. Naturally better.

We love what we do, and we think you’ll taste the happy in every mouthful.


Every bag has a story

From the very start of our journey we realised that the most amazing thing about our rice farmers is their passion for tradition. You might say they’re set in their ways. And rightly so, it makes for better Basmati. Take the drying process. For some of our growers it’s at least 18 months, then there’s the polishing – yes polishing – it can’t leave the mill until it’s done – twice. If something’s worth doing…

If you’re the sort of person that appreciates the finer detail and a genuine passion for food, we think you’ll want to know these things. So we pop a sticker on the front of the bag to tell you about where it came from. And if you want to more, you can find it on our website.

Cooking Tips

Let's be honest, cooking rice is a personal thing. You might be a soaker, a rinser or a salt dasher - and all of those are fine. But we thought we’d share our tips: